Bid Whist Online

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Play Bid Whist onMobile (Devices).

In only 3 three steps.*

If you have already run step 1 & step 2, skip to step 3.

1] Install... the Termux app

Get it on Google Play Get it on F-Droid

Termux allows small mobile devices to pose as bigger devices like laptops or desktops.

2] Setup... Bid Whist Mobile

Run the Bid Whist setup file. Just once. Here's how. Open Termux and type the following 3 commands in order to run the setup file called

Don't worry. Future versions will spare you from all the typing hassle.
For now however it's peck before you play

3] Run... Bid Whist Mobile

You will see the traditional Bid Whist Login window and you know what to do from there!

"Reviews"   ;-)

"I bid in lines, in the uber, during commercials and even in the bed."
- Some Chicago dude
"Wherever I can get a signal, I get a hand in."
- One Southern cat
"Thanks a lot Bid Whist onMobile. Getting set in the wrong place at the wrong time is *why* I dropped the tablet in the toilet."
- A long-time player, nameless by request
"My bad partner. I mis-played."
- Somebody's new partner, apparently, during some tablet splash event